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Nevemind that it was still 36 degrees this morning when one of  my children noticing nothing but the sun zipped outside in his underwear to pedal his bike. 

By which time he came in and asked for gloves. 

And nevermind that the sun–all by itself–makes us actually want to live again.  And say we’re sorry for touching all the cookies and licking two before finally nabbing the biggest one.  And hug each other without explanation.  And plan a picnic, with napkins even. And slap some hotdogs on the grill.  And…

and pick a few flowers…

Only to realize there aren’t any.  But since the sun is shining, by golly there should be.  Flowers, that is.

Which was when we got crackin’ on the tissue paper and made our own.

Here we just unfolded a couple rainbows worth of tissue paper and then marked off a 5 x 7  inch rectangle.  It only looks like we got serious with that ruler.  Heh.  Don’t be fooled.

Then using the first cut stack as a guide, we made rectangles out of all the paper.  If they weren’t quite 5 x 7, we used ’em anyway.  Our flowers certainly weren’t going to care.

Then because I couldn’t help myself, I separated all the colors into piles by, uh, color.  It just seemed the right thing to do.

Then my son who wanted to participate by hogging all one color to himself, did that.  And my daughter and I picked out 15  colored rectangles apiece and each made a stack. 

Here are my fifteen sheets.

And here’s my son not about to have the sparkly green paper pried out of his paws.

Which makes for a non-flower.

Only he wanted a flower–

Which means he then parted with a few of the green ones.

But anyway…

Taking the long side of the rectangles, we folded the tissue paper up like a fan–back and forth–back and forth–until it looked fairly unspectacular like this.

 Here’s my daughter’s fan about ready to jump from the table.

Then– trust me on this step–we pinched the middle of our fans and then took the top part of  a pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the center of the fan, so the rest of the pipe cleaner would hang down like a stem.

At this point there was nothing cool about the flower.


as soon we started pulling each piece of tissue paper gently toward the center–like separating a napkin–the flower came alive. 

Here’s the first side of my son’s flower.  I’m still gripping it in the middle where the pipe cleaner is wrapped around.  But I’ll flip the flower around in a second and pull the other petals toward the center.

My daughter pulled her petals up from both sides alternately.

Which worked just as well.

Here’s one finished flower.

And here’s another.

They ain’t be the real thing.  But for today…

they be a little hope of heaven.  They be sunshine in our hands.


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