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It’s not that never taking my jacket off is a problem.  We’ve bonded.  It’s just that occasionally, I’d like to look out the window here in western Washington and see the sun.  Not the clouds with the sun somewhere behind them.  Not a picture of the sun my daughter’s drawn from memory.


Because I realized last week that though we’d traded one cold place for another, the eastern Washington sun blinding us through the windshield made just about anything tolerable.

“Son, you gotta puke again?  No problem. Watch me clean it with a smile.”

“Popcorn for dinner?  Sounds great.”

“Gas costs four bucks a gallon?  Heh…well, why not?”

It’s just that we’re home now, and it ain’t stopped raining–save for the momentary tease when it’s appeared to not be raining, but is indeed still raining. 

Which isn’t to say that being perpetually soggy ain’t the greatest thing…

for a frog.

But for me…I be dreamin’ of a few steady rays…and the hanger that’ll hold my jacket.


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