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My Picasso

That our kitchen smells like milk gone bad has little to do with, uh… milk… and a bit more to do with a little boy whose yogurt leaped out of his hands… and who graciously got down to ‘cleaning’ it up himself by using six dry dish towels and rubbing them across the spill…and then leaving the rest of us to guess who puked. 

Lord have mercy.

That it stills smell like urp and not full-blown upchuck is, well, progress.

But nevermind that.

What I wanted to say was this guy, the one who got out of bed no less than six times last night, and who has melted into a heap of tears no less than six times this afternoon, drew a picture of what he was thankful for.


His mommy.

That I would have wowed over his picture even if he’d told me he’d drawn a toilet with turd in it is sort of where we’re at these days.  Kid draws.  I praise.

But to see myself on paper through the eyes of my little boy…I don’t know.  I wasn’t aware I was so colorful.  Or so thin…heh.

Or so…

so loved.


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