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We welcomed 2011 with a long-distance high-five from across the room.  Well, it wasn’t even that.  More a mental one.  Our kids were in bed at ten-thirty and completely asleep with their eyes rolled back  by ten thirty-one.  And I sat here and my husband there yawning our way to midnight.

If you did anything at all, say, blow your nose, I guarantee it was more  rip-roaring than our last hour and a half waiting for both clock hands to get to the twelve. 

Anyway…what I realized here in January, other than it not being swimsuit weather, is that without meaning to, we drug a few things with us from 2010.

Like our band-aided light socket.

And the brown marker art on the inside of the bathroom door. 

Though the longevity on this one is really something.   Seems we just can’t pee and scrub the door at the same time.   Or remember that we ought to after we flush.  Quite the marvel.

And the random paint project taped to the wall with a single strand of tape.  One of my favorites.

And here’s the guy who “didn’t do anything.” And who’s tucked himself away in a Christmas tote with a…(rubbing eyes…) a sucker. 

Which is why we thought we’d put that kind of energy to work.  So here’s our son on his first bike, fresh from under the Christmas tree.  

 Nevermind his sister’s pink gloves.

Or the sheets of ice on the roads.  Or the 26 degrees. 

Or the mere fact that none of the rest of us are on bikes.

Desperate times, people…heh.

Which ain’t it so much as it is my son who’s climbed into my lap insisting he needs my ‘bu-ttention’. 

Which is why I’ll end here…

Gots me a little boy to love.


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