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That the craft didn’t involve scissors, glue or paint was a perk I noted.  That it mentioned glitter, the stuff you can oops-a daisily shake all over the house was a perk my kids noted.  And then ran to grab, while my intestines wrung themselves a little tighter.

Here’s what we needed.  Three sheets of construction paper in a single color.  Except we wanted green and didn’t have it.  Which was when my daughter came back carrying both blue and yellow sheets, so we could mix the two to make green. Um…yes.  I was, uh, clearly not the person who should be in charge.

The paper had to be torn into little squares and then put into the blender. Time enough for me to change the laundry and check on the fridge a couple times.

Here’s our paper pile.

On the table.

On its way to the blender.

And in the blender.  Which–yowsers–appears to need a serious scrub.

Then came the hot water poured right onto the paper, where it sat for five minutes.  Long enough for one child to run to the bathroom and smear lotion in the carpet and the other to pound out ‘Jingle Bells’ on the piano.  Twice.

Then because watching paper return to pulp is, well,  mesmerizing…

we all stood there without breathing and paid homage to the blender…

‘Cause it turned paper into this.  Something that looked just how it felt.  Only depending on your take, that’s either regurgitated green oatmeal.  Or someone’s cold gone real bad.

What we had to do next was push the water out of the pulp.  And what worked best was just dabbin’ the glop with a rag we didn’t care about.  As it’s green now, too.

Then with a towel folded on a plate and a napkin on top of the towel–both to suck up the extra water–we pushed the pulp into a cookie cutter. 

This is my son’s hand pattin’ in his pulp.  I think that snowman sticker is part of his skin.

Here are his little fingers pressin’ the pulp in the cracks.

And here’s the pulp all packed into the cutter.

Here it is on the cookie sheet still resembling a tree, by golly.

Then, the same thing again.

These are my daughter’s hands fillin’ the cutter with pulp.

And pushing it to all the corners.

These are both trees doused in glitter and ready for the oven…


where they baked at 200 degrees for two hours.

And then come out looking the same as they did when they went in.  Only less soggy.

Here are the finished trees and the four hands that couldn’t wait to hold ’em.

‘Cause glitter brings them glee.


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