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Library Solo

It scarcely mattered that we were at the library.  Or that the general consensus at the library was to talk in hushed tones.  What mattered was my son had a song in his heart.  Apparently bursting to get out. 

And so while others snapped up from their books or peeked covertly around the bookcases, or tore their eyes away from their computer screen,  my son pieced together a puzzle and never looked up while he sang, “This is the Day.”

Maybe you know it.  It’s a church camp oldie with two parts where the second person repeats the phrase the first person just sang.  That is, if there is a second person.  Only when there’s not, like the library version, well, you sing the whole thing yourself.  

I was two bookshelves away when my son began. “This is the day,” he sang.  And then echoed himself in the same tenor, “This is the day.” 

“That the Lord has made.”  And again. “That the Lord has made.”

“I will rejoice.”  And without a breath in between,  “I will rejoice.”

“And be glad in it.”  And now a sigh,  “And be glad in it.

And then this verson of the song crescendoed, as my son cut loose, “This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.  This is the day.”  And an echo as loud as the first part, “this is the day.  That the Lord has made.”

By which time, he popped his head up from the puzzle and whispered, as one who knows library etiquette, “I’m all ready to go now, Mom.”

And by which time we found his sister as well as the automatic doors and skipped out to the first verse of his second number, “Jesus Loves Me This I Know.”


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