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Without meaning to we laughed our hineys off this morning. 

The stack of Better Homes and Gardens and the three pairs of scissors seemed completely innocent before we started.  But then we got to cutting.  And by the time my daughter tried on a new pair of lips, and my son, a pair of eyes, well, that was it.  We kissed composure goodbye.

Here’s my daughter with her new burgundy smackers.

And my son with glasses.  Large ones.

Here’s about the time I let out my first guffaw…

As there was something way too special about my daughter with her new eyeballs…

And about my son…

who just might look like this in eighty-five years.

May he have more teeth.

And this.  Whoa.

May I, uh, recover from seeing this.

Which I have. 

Because I just can’t stop being happy with this mouth grinning at me.

Or with these lips pouting on her…

and him.

Or with these eyes looking into my soul.

And these ones half way to heaven.

Nope.  Gonna have to smile today.

Even if I have to borrow these lips to do it for me.


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