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Four years ago I mistook myself for someone who wore a bathrobe, and I bought one.  A big ol’, fluffy, white thing that could hide a car, if necessary.  Which is what it felt like I was doing when I wore it that single afternoon for six minutes or so.  I’d taken a full look at my pregnant self in what was clearly more tent than bathrobe, and had remembered instantly who I was.  A non-bathrobe wearer.

The relief was immediate.

Only it’s cold here now.  Nevermind last Wednesday when it hit seventy degrees and my kids, already in their swimsuits, asked to fill up the pool.  Definitely nevermind.  Because Thursday showed up with rain.  A whole bunch of it.  And, well, I’ve been cold ever since. 

Which was why I pushed back the hangers holding the skirts I also no longer wear and hefted out my bathrobe.  Cold people do desperate things.

But I was mistaken in thinking I could sneak down the stairs unnoticed.  My kids’ eyes were the size of tires as they took in the full glory of the robe.  “Oh, yeah,” I said, as I squeezed between them on the couch. “Can I touch it?” my son wanted to know.  I said he could.  “Can I try it on?” my daughter begged.  I said I’d see.  But I was still cold.

Then inspired by my robe, or somehow by me in my robe, my daughter ran upstairs to grab hers.  Here she is in mine.  And here’s her dad in his.

I mean hers.

And this guy… This isn’t his bathrobe either.  But he likes it.  And he isn’t the tiniest bit deterred by the word “Angel” on the back or the fact that the robe is his sister’s.

Cause it’s all about belonging.  And when the person you love is hugging you in a robe.  In a robe is where you want to be.

Unless you’re just wearing one to get warm.


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