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Simple Science

Last year my daughter and I bothered to make a little volcano out of salt clay.  We let the thing dry for days–a step we’ve never bothered with since. ( But we were direction followers then). And then with a little acid and alkaline we watched the thing explode.  And then we watched it again. And then we went and got her brother and shared the good news with him, as we could only keep so much fizz to ourselves.   And then eventually we tossed the thing, as there was little else we could do with a wilted homemade volcano.

But an impression was made.  And my kids have never forgotten the bubbles that erupted from our pathetic clay.

Which was why for five minutes of sheer awe, I was willing to bring out the vinegar and baking soda again.  And pretend that that glass was Mount St. Helen’s.  I only ask that you pretend that you do not see that binky on the counter.  It’s not really there.  heh heh.

Here we are adding more baking soda to our already-erupted glass of vinegar. Which is fine. Only my kids would ogle at this ooze for hours.  If they could.  And we’d set some kind of record for consuming a jug of vinegar and a twelve pound bag of baking soda in the same afternoon.  Only I sense that’s not practical.  At all.

And though I could do without the mess, I realize I do not want to rob them of the pure joy they experience with this simple science. 

Here we are four minutes in and this is the tenth addition of soda.  Or the twentieth.  But the Pavlov response is the same.  Utter excitement.

“Do it again,” they both squeal.  And so we do.  We must.

 And then on the off chance that we’ll need the last drip of vinegar for something equally worthy, we pet the last of our bubbles and pack our stuff away.

For another time…no less.


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